Your Rights and Benefits

Most of our rights are spelled out in the various contracts that govern our terms of employment. However, there are some additional rights and benefits that we could like to clarify on this page.

The Right to Equitable Overtime

Stuart Lichten, Outside Counsel

Stuart Lichten, Outside Counsel

Attorneys’ Update
Overtime Rights
Despite management’s repeated insistence on its entitlement to unfettered discretion in the distribution of overtime work, this firm recently won a significant decision granting employees a right to work overtime in certain instances. A case brought against the New York Police Department on behalf of Local 924 established two principles: that an agency may not use overtime to punish an employee, and that overtime must generally be distributed equally among employees.

NYPD had denied a Laborer the opportunity to work overtime on numerous occasions, resulting in a situation where the grievant had worked only 102 hours in a 15-month period, while the other Laborers averaged 595 hours in that period. The Arbitrator held that Executive Order 94-3 requires that employees “generally be given the same opportunity to work overtime.” The Arbitrator also found that an employer may not use overtime as a disciplinary tool,” and may not withhold overtime assignments based on an employee’s work performance, excessive absences or latenesses, insubordination, or other misconduct. These matters, according to the Award, “are appropriately consigned to the disciplinary procedures set forth” in the collective bargaining agreement. The Award found that NYPD had violated both of these principles, sustained the grievance, and awarded the grievant back pay to compensate for the denied overtime.
Stuart Lichten

Your Right to Workers Compensation

Here’s a handy flyer that explains how the Workers’ Compensation system works for our members: Workers_Compensation_know_your_rights

The Benefits Package Provided by Your Union

The DC 37 Health and Security Plan purchases benefits on your behalf. It is funded through our Contract by payments made into the Plan by the City of New York as part of its contractual obligation to the Union. Click here for your benefit information.