About Our Union

A teen in a psychiatric hospital needs someone to turn to. Another patient is recovering from an illness and is having trouble breathing. A child needs to understand good dental health. A visitor to a City restaurant wants to be sure that the establishment is clean and safe. A spouse wants to find out more about the criminal justice system from the District Attorney’s office. A community wants to stop a rat infestation.

All of these New Yorkers and visitors, and many others with different needs for health care, sanitation, health information and advice, and regulatory information will rely on a member of Local 768, DC 37, AFSCME to do the job. Here are the Chapters and the Titles we proudly represent, 24/7:

* Analyst Chapter
* Assistant Program Planner Chapter
* Audiologists Chapter
* City Pest Control Aide Chapter
* Community Service Aide Chapter
* Crew Chief Chapter
* Dental Assistants Chapter
* Dental Hygienists Chapter
* Early Childhood Education Consultants Chapter
* Exterminators Chapter
* Licensed Creative Arts Therapists Chapter
* Medical Record Specialists Chapter
* Medico Legal Investigators Chapter
* Mental Health Assistants Chapter
* Nutritionists Chapter
* Occupational Therapists Chapter
* Physical Therapists Chapter
* Physician Assistants Chapter
* Public Health Advisors Chapter
* Public Health Assistants Chapter
* Public Health Sanitarians Chapter
* Regional Director Chapter
* Rehabilitation Counselor Chapter
* Respiratory Therapist Chapter
* Sanitation Compliance Agent Chapter
* Social Workers Chapter