Where Your Dues Money Goes

Where Your Dues Go

Current Local 768 Union dues of $46.92 per month (NYC Agencies – Full-time) are divided four ways. The bulk of your dues ($31.40, nearly 67%) goes to DC 37 for its expenses in helping Local 768 and all of our sister Locals by bargaining with the City, upholding safety and health standards, funding our headquarters building, and handling legal, communications, and political chores.

The next largest part of your dues payment ($12.20, 26%) goes to our International Union, AFSCME, which lobbies on the national level. next is Local 768, which receives $3.07 of your dues each month. That money is used for organizing, stipends, office staff, our own legal counsel, Local-wide, chapter and special events, and our own publicity and communications work. The “HooF” at 25 cents is the Union’s Help our own Fund for members in need of emergency assistance.

AFSCME has approved the Local’s dues increase by $2.00 per pay period, from $23.46 to $25.46 per full-time member. This will be effective from January, 2012. This increase will still be well below the dues of over $35 per pay period for several DC 37 locals. For two years HHC did not deduct AFSCME’s ‘pass along’ dues increase of $0.30 per pay period per full-time member and $0.25 per pay period part-time member hence this cost had to be picked up by the Local. This with the massive increase to the Local of Arbitration costs as the Local defended members to protect their jobs and the fact that the Local’s amount of the dues had not increased for over 20 years were the main reasons the membership and AFSCME approved the dues increases.