Your Contracts

New Pay Orders:

We can now release the pay orders that formed the basis for gains in increments for several titles, as well as several other additional increases.

Among these are the following:

Health Services

1. $600 Assignment Differential for Associate Public Health Sanitarians and Public Health Sanitarians who have regular field assignments and carry and store City equipment.
2. Add title Creative Arts Therapist to RIP.
3. All employees in the Health Services unit receive a general wage increase of .3022%

That Letter of Agreement was signed 8/14/17

Social Services

1. A new $500 RIP after 10 years.

2. $40 added to Annuity (new total $724)

Letter of Agreement was signed 2/10/17

Here are the new pay orders:

52 SSRT Agreement 2.10.17

52 Health Services

52 Blue Collar Units

Employees of the Health and Hospitals Corporation and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) are governed under a number of union-management contracts. These are:


Blue Collar Div Pay Orders Sept 2016

2008-2010 Social Service Contract

Health Services Contract March 2008 to March 2010

citywide contract DC 37