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Fitz Reid on Women’s Rights

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768 Newsletter Oct 2018 Special Edition

Check your pay stub:

Our New Contract, Your Pay Orders, and “Additions to Gross”

At our last membership meeting President Reid went over all of the documents included in the new Local 768 flash drive which we are giving out to members and encouraging everyone to share. Every member must take the responsibility to locate their title and pay rates in these documents to insure that your pay is correct. In particular, look at the “Recurring Increment Payments,” the differentials, and the Additions to Gross. These go up every year for many of our titles, but management often does not keep pace with our contract.

Our Contracts, from 1995 to today. While wages steady rise to match inflation (mostly), we accrue increases in benefits and differentials as time goes on.

Citywide Agreement 1-1-95 to 6-30-01

DC37 Settlement Summary 2002 – 2005

DC 37 Settlement Summary 2010-2017

DC 37 Settlement Summary 2017 – 2021 * this is the current contract

New: Janus Language in the Contract, Protecting Your Union

2018 Citywide Modifications – Janus Language

The Contracts for our Three Bargaining Units. Know your title and which unit you are in!

Health Services Signed Contract 3-3-08 to 3-2-10

2008-2010 Social Service Contract

Blue Collar Contract A & B 2008-2010

Leave Regulations

Leave Regulations for Employees Who Are Under the Career and Salary Plan

Comparison of Annual Leave Schedules

What is SLOAC? It stands for Supplemental Leave of Absence Coverage, and here’s how it works:


SLOAC Flow Charts (Issued 3 10 2015) (003)

Pay Orders for Our Bargaining Units: The .52% Pay Orders. These are additional payments negotiated by your union for selected titles. Check your title within your Bargaining Unit:

52 Health Services

52 Blue Collar Units

52 SSRT Agreement 2.10.17

Pay Orders: New rates for our Health Services Unit:

Dental Assistant Hourly pay order 09-26-2017, 09-26-2018

Health Services Recurring Increment Payment 2017-2018

Helath Services pay order 2017-2018

Pay Orders: New Rates for Our Social Services Unit:

Social Services Pay Order 2017-2018

Social Services Recurring Increment Payment 2017-2018

Pay Orders: New Rates for our Blue Collar Unit Titles:

Blue Collar Sup Pay Order 2017-2018 FINAL

Blue Collar Sup Recurring Increment Payment 2017-2018 FINAL

Blue Collar Non Sup pay order 09.26.2017-2018 FINAL

Blue Collar Non Sup Recurring Increment Payment .2017-2018 FINAL

Supplemental Agreements: Extra Payments for Selected Titles Negotiated by Your Union

Health Services Signed Stipulation of Settlement & MOA betw OCME & L-768 re MLI Nov 4, 2016

Medicolegal Investigator (MLI) Recruitment & Retention 8-14-18

Public Health Sanitarian 1992-1995 Supplemental Agreement

Additions to gross for each unit

blue collar unit

Recurring increment 09-03-2016 Exterminator Level Increase

Exterminator Level Increase

Exterminator Assignment Differntial _09-03-2016

Advancement Increase_09-03-2016

Non Supervisory Recurring Increment payment 09-03-2016

Exterminator Assignment Differential

Advancement Increase 09-03-2016

Health Services Unit

Health Services Uniform and Maintenance Allowance 09-03 2016

Health Services Salary Step Schedules- 09-03 2016

Health Services Recurring Increment Payment 09-03 2016

Health Services MLI Certification Differential Changes to MLI 09-03 2016

Health Services Longevity Differntials 09-03 2016

Health Services Level Increase 09-03 2016

Health Services Assignemnt Differentials 09-03- 2016

Health Service Night Shift Differntial 09-03 2016

Health Service Assignment Differential 09-03 2016

Dental Assistant Hourly rate 09-03 2016

Cover letter DC37 Health Services_L436_9.3.2016

Assignement Differential Pay order Changes to MLI Jan 2017

Advancement Increase 09-03 2016

Social Services Unit

Socials Services Advancement Increase

Social Services Pay Order 9316

Social Services Longevity Differentials 09.03.2016

Social Services Level Increase

Social Service Uniform Allowance amended 8 31 16

Assignment Differntial Social Services – amended 8 31 16

what sort of leave rights do you have? we explain leaves here

ABOUT Leaves FROM WORK: modified September 2018

When Will the Pay Orders be Paid?


October 5, 2018 – Rate and retro for the 2% increase from 9/26/17, including on RIPs and service increments if received more than two years.

October 19, 2018 – Rate and small retro for the 2.25% increase from 9/26/18, including on RIPs and service increments if received more than two years.


October 5, 2018 for Bi-Weekly B1 payroll – 2% and retro

October 12, 2018 for Weekly (hourly B2 payroll)

November 2, 2018 for Bi-Weekly B1 payroll – 2.25% and small retro

November 9, 2018 for Weekly  (hourly B2 payroll) 2.25% and small retro

Read our latest Newsletter here: 768 Newsletter feb 2018 for web

Sisters and Brothers,

Women make up the majority of Local 768, and I write to you with special appreciation. It is a fact that women have been more active in our movement for social and economic power than men. Recently, the womens’ march illustrated that.’

I am relying on our Local 768 women to continue to bring power to our union struggle. Women, as a whole, make less than men do — but this is not true in labor unions, where contracts set the same pay for every worker. However, this does not protect us from favoritism, cronyism, and other tactics that the employer has to discriminate against women. Let’s be on the lookout for those tactics.

I would also like to alert you to an opportunity. DC 37 is preparing women for future leadership roles through a six-month training program that begins in June. You are invited to apply to the union’s Women’s Leadership Academy. The application deadline is May 31 – more information at this link:

DC 37 Launches Women’s Leadership Academy

Fraternally, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Fitz Reid
Local 768 DC 37 AFSCME AFL-CIO

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

New: Sister Nina Turner, lead of Our Revolution, the progressive political movement begun by Bernie Sanders, speaks on January 27th before the New York Progressive Action Network. President Reid attended the event in solidarity with her and union organizer Eddie Kay.

Local 768 Membership Passes Resolution on the Care of Undocumented Patients in New York City Public Hospitals.

The Local 768 Membership, at our regularly scheduled meeting on February 6, passed the following resolution:
WHEREAS, the crisis of the undocumented in the United States has deep roots in a system of oppression and colonialism in which the U.S. played a major role, and;
WHEREAS, some Local 768 members have been given instructions to decrease the population of undocumented immigrants in their facilities by 40%; and
WHEREAS, Local 768 members, like health care providers and other workers, have grave concerns over threats to this desperately needed safety net coverage; and
WHEREAS, Local 768 believes we have a basic ethical obligation to defend undocumented immigrants in need of health care from round-ups, jail and deportation
by ICE; and
WHEREAS, any attempt to have Local 768 members identify patients for such discriminatory treatment would violate not only our professional obligations but NYC law and NYC Health + Hospitals’ stated policy; and
WHEREAS, this situation is made even more urgent by President Trump’s attacks on “sanctuary cities” and NYC regulations limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities; and
WHEREAS, we join with NYC-area building-service, education, Teamster, construction trades and other unionists in standing up for the rights of us all in opposition to attacks on our Muslim and immigrant sisters and brothers; and
WHEREAS, solidarity is a matter of life or death for labor, which is now under attack by anti-union “right to work” legislation and court cases such as (Janus v. AFSCME)…/the-new-friedrichs-case-janus-v-afs…

RESOLVED, that Local 768 formally and publicly states the following:
1) We will continue to serve all those in need and oppose any attempt to use immigration status against them, or to collect such information.
2) We will not go along with demands to cut care to undocumented patients, which would violate our most basic ethical responsibilities.
3) We also reject any attempt to undermine the federally mandated right to treatment of all those seeking emergency care.
4) Local 768 will establish a committee to defend the rights of immigrant patients, families and staff.
5) We advocate that the unions of the NYC metropolitan area come together in a massive protest showing the power of labor to stand up against any and all anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and other racist attacks in line with the labor motto, “AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL.”

The Resolution was submitted by Local 768 Member Irina Langman.

New! Become a Local 768 Shop Steward!
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President Reid on Inequality:

Health Services Local 768 is New York City’s third-largest Union of health care workers. Our approximately 4,000 members work primarily for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, and the Offices of the five New York City District Attorneys. We bring a better quality of life to the 8.4 million New Yorkers and to the millions of other commuters who are here on a regular basis. We also are ready to serve the estimated 50 million tourists who come to New York each year.

Local 768 DC 37 is headquartered at District Council 37, which is located at 125 Barclay Street in lower Manhattan. We’re at room 768, and reachable via telephone at 212-815-1000.  You can e-mail President Reid at: